Astronomy Related Software

Free Software

FITS Liberator - Image processing software to create color images using raw observations, which enables data to be processed from a wide range of telescopes and planetary probes.

Aperture Photometry Tool - Software for astronomical research, as well as for learning, visualizing and refining aperture-photometry analyses. Image overlays, graphical representations, statistics, models, options and controls for aperture-photometry calculations are brought together into a single package.

SalsaJ - Students and teachers can make the Universe their laboratory.

Registax - Used to stack images in astrophotography.

Eyes on the Solar System - "Eyes on the Solar System" is a 3-D environment full of real NASA mission data. Explore the cosmos from your computer. Hop on an asteroid. Fly with NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft. See the entire solar system moving in real time. You control space and time.

Wings Over Mars - This exciting application places students in the role of Mission director who is controlling the ARES Mars Airplane from an Earth-bound control center.

Future Flight Design - In this program, you will become a NASA researcher and design the air transportation system of the future!

Open Universe - Real-time Solar System Simulator, simulates the major planets and moons in 3D on your computer.

K3CCDTools - Windows application dedicated for astro-imaging. It includes video-capturing (supporting wide range of video capture devices), auto-guiding and frame aligning and stacking / summing.

Cartes du Ciel - Enables you to draw sky charts, making use of the data in 16 catalogs of stars and nebulae. In addition the position of planets, asteroids and comets are shown.

Celestia - Space travel simulator. Additional stars, deep space, and solar system catalogs and images available as add in.

Blink Comparator - Lets you load sets of images, align them and play them as a movie.

Astro-Snap - A very comprehensive program for image capture, including long exposure control of modified Webcams

CCD - A useful freeware program from the Astronomical Society of Southern New England for determining image sizes on CCD chips.

Astro Photo - Program that calculates exposure times for Camera and CCD format

Lunar Occultation Workbench - This program computes occultations by the moon of eight planets and 54 thousand stars.